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Art 20th April 2020


A portrait is a painting or photograph of someone’s face (and sometimes body). When the artist does the painting themselves, we call it a ‘self-portrait’ - it’s a bit like a selfie!  

Download the sheet called Artist Self Portraits and have a look at the pictures. Think / talk about:    

  1. What did the artist use to make the picture you're looking at?  

  1. What different types of marks can you see in the picture? How do you think they were made? Are the marks different sizes? 

  1. What colours can you see? Which colours have been used most? Is the paint thick or thin; rough or smooth?  

  1. Does the picture make you feel happy or sad?  

  1. Which one was your favourite? Why? 


You are going to have a go at your own self-portrait. You will need a mirror or a picture of yourself. Watch this video first:  

If you need more help, download the instructions and the template.  


Are you going to do your portrait in pencil, crayons or paint?  
Which colours will you use – are you going to use natural colours or will you give yourself blue hair!? 
Maybe you’d like to have a go in the style of your favourite painting that you looked at earlier.  
Have fun and be creative!