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We are currently learning all about the Easter Story. Below there is a document with some art ideas relating to Easter to do at home. 

In your home learning packs you have Easter story sequencing cards - please cut these up to use with your child and encourage them to talk through the different parts of the story. 

OL: To understand the significance of the stone.

Key Vocabulary: Tomb – the place where a person is buried after they have died; Disciple – One of Jesus’ special friends; Risen / Resurrected – come back to life from being dead.

Talk about why the stone might be important and then recap the Easter story (sequencing cards can be used to do this). Talk about how Jesus' body was put into a tomb, which is like a big cave, and that a giant stone was used to block the tomb so that no one could get in or out. It’s a bit like the lid on a jam jar, or the door of a safe. Carry on reviewing the story, explaining how some of Jesus’ friends went to visit the tomb, and they found that the stone had moved and the tomb was empty. They were very upset as they didn’t know where Jesus was, until they saw Him and realised that he had come back to life again, he had risen! Christians feel joyful and excited at Easter because they remember that Jesus’ tomb was empty and he had come back to life! 


Please choose one unless your child would like to do more.

  • Make an Easter Garden, showing the empty tomb, the stone rolled away and add figures to show Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the disciples, soldiers and an angel. Use it to retell and remember the story and think about how surprised Jesus’ friends were to see Him
  • Look at paintings of the risen Jesus. Use them as a stimulus for talk, drawing own pictures and writing simple sentences about what might be happening; 
  • Paint a stone/ pebble  with an image of new life, or the words ‘He is risen.’ Talk about why the stone was so special in this story, (It showed that the tomb was empty and Jesus was not there any more because he was alive, He had risen.)

Key Questions:

How would Jesus' friends have felt when they saw Jesus again? What might they have thought? At first, Mary thought Jesus was the gardener and other disciples wondered if he was a ghost! How would you have felt? Have you ever found something you lost? How did that make you feel?