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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Stop Press...Journey Awards

From the first day we've had two awards for the children to win

We have le bouclier francais (the French Shield for the most helpful and considerate member of the group) and la chambre magnifique (the tidiest room).

So far the awards are (quick drum roll....)

le bouclier francais

Monday - Florence W (being helpful and not making a fuss) and Calum (being positive)
Tuesday - Grace (tidying up after people and generally being helpful)  and Nicholas (being helpful and proactive)
Wednesday - Lucy (being very thoughtful and helpful) and Sophie (for being appreciative)


la chanbre magnifique

Monday - room 217 - Lucy, Kira, Ellie & Sophia
Well organised room, good sharing (putting up a clock they could all see) and a room storytime
Monday - room 207 - Isabella, Jemima, Monique, Mattie
Excellent unpacking technique, hanging up of all their clohes and a special step for shoes!
Tuesday - 202 - Ashley, Ysolde and Millie
Very tidy bedroom, good use of underbed space and organising of their books
Tuesday - 214 - Max. Mark, Izak and Ben D
Tidy room and a safe place for all of the keys