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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

The Forest of Adventure!

We've had a fantastic day today, climbing, building, cooking and getting wet!

It's been a day of fantastic activities here at High Ashurst.  We soon learned why it was called "High" as we negotiated the beams and platforms before taking the "leap of faith" from one of the platforms. Phew!

We've also done some great team building exercises where out great Queen's tradition of working with and helping each other really paid off.

Despite the wet weather we managed to light fires and were rewarded with some delicious toasted marshmallows.

We also built some great shelters out of the wood and bracken.  As you can see in the photo galleries some of them were pretty substantial - I wonder if Antony Roberts would do a valuation?!

The rooms here are fantastic and if you look really hard in one of the photos you can see some of the boys cleaning and hoovering - just wait 'till your mums find out boys!