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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Some to Paris, some to Lésigny

After a fun-filled day yesterday and a good night’s sleep, we woke up feeling refreshed and raring to go. Immediately after breakfast, those who were going to Paris boarded the coach with Mr Samuel, Miss Bentham and Mrs Ough, while those staying at the site headed off to their activities with Miss Dunk and Miss Crampton.

The coach journey into central Paris was relatively traffic-free and once we were in the city, our PGL guide entertained us by pointing out some of the main sights, telling us a little about the history of the city and giving us a few choice ‘facts’.  Did you know that Parisians are very fussy about their peas, so much so that all the peas eaten in Paris are manufactured in the same factory where rigorous quality control ensures that any sub-standard products are poured into the Seine, giving the river its distinctive green colour?  No, neither did I…

Anyway, it wasn’t long before we boarded a Bateau Parisien and made our way up the Seine, taking in the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Musée d’Orsay among other famous landmarks from our seats on the top deck.  After a picnic lunch, we continued our coach tour, seeing the Louvre, La Défense and the Champs Élysées before disembarking at the Arc de Triomphe.  The spectacular panoramic views of Paris made the 284-step climb well worth the effort!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the children started with the zip wire: having climbed 30ft to a wooden platform, they were harnessed to the wire and then … they flew!  Next, it was over to the trapeze, a tantalizingly tall pole with a leap of faith waiting at the top.  Each time, the children counted each other down and cheered each other on, creating a fantastic and supportive atmosphere. 

After lunch, the children took a walk into the cosy village of Lésigny to reward themselves for their efforts in the morning: the ice cream was a very well deserved treat on a lovely sunny day! On the way back to the Château, the sounds of Seussical Jr echoed through the quiet streets of Lésigny – overseas ticket sales for the Year 6 production will be soaring this year!

The entire party were reunited for a swim before dinner and then donned their chef's hats for some crêpe-making – I can personally vouch for the quality of their produce!  The children are now getting a good night’s rest before visiting a local French school tomorrow morning.