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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

À l’école

Today we visited a French primary school and discovered that, while the language may be different, most things are pretty much the same!

We had an early start this morning ahead of our visit to L’École Villarceau, a short walk away in the village of Lésigny.  We were welcomed by the Headteacher, M. Baffogne, before visiting the classrooms, where the children introduced themselves, using their recent correspondence as an ice-breaker!  After treating the French students to a rendition of “Oh the thinks you can think” from the forthcoming hit musical, Seussical Jr, we began the “jeux sportifs” which continued for the remainder of the morning.  During break time, the children had the opportunity to converse with their French peers on a wide range of subjects, from the recent form of Paris St Germain to the joy of bubble wrap!  We bid our hosts au revoir shortly before midday, presenting them with a gift to thank them for their hospitality.  No doubt tired from their efforts at conversing in each other’s tongues, the children resorted to the universal language of high fives, fist bumps and hugs as they said their goodbyes!

Upon our return to the Château, we had a picnic lunch and then the extreme activities began once more as the children climbed, abseiled, walked tightropes and hurled themselves off treetop platforms into the abyss.  A hot afternoon ended with Miss Dunk and Miss Crampton forcing the normally peace-loving Mr Samuel into a water fight, a decision they came to regret...

After an early dinner, the children were given some time to pack for tomorrow’s journey before a dip in the pool and an evening programme of mini-Olympics.  It should certainly be gold medals all round for the pupils of Queen’s this week!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening.