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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Come On, Light My Fire.

Woodland skills involve three activities, fire building, shelter building and a scavenger hunt.

The fire building needs lots of kindling so the children must find lots and lots of Silver Birch twigs (full of resin so burn well).  Then having learnt about the fire triangle have to use a flint a steel to set their fire (not easy!).  Meanwhile the instructor builds a much larger fire to toast our marshmallows on – yum!

Shelter building is fairly obvious but not so straightforward, all the children enjoy this challenge.

Finally, a scavenger hunt involves the children searching the woodland for various things, something flat, something warm, something prickly, something that has been eaten (best you don’t ask!), etc.  The catch is that each pair can’t bring the same thing twice so if your prickly object was a sweet chestnut case, it’s a struggle to find another seed case!