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After-School Clubs

We offer a wide selection of after-school enrichment activities, generally running for an hour after the end of the school day.  The offer varies each term, and is advertised to parents towards the end of the previous term.

Autumn Term 2022

The clubs happening this term are listed below.  Booking is via ParentMail, except for clubs marked * which are booked directly with the provider.  Because of the phased start for our newest pupils, there are no clubs for Reception class in the autumn term.

The last week for most clubs is the week ending Friday 9th December, but some clubs may have make-up sessions in the following week.  For more information please contact the school office.

Pick-up time is normally one hour after the normal pick-up time for the year group - so 4.20 for years 1
and 2,  and 4.25 for years 3-6.

Year 1 Drama
Year 2 Football
Years 3-6 Boundless Dance
Years 4,5&6 Chess

Tuesday before school:
Years 5 & 6 Run Club - 8.00am start 

Year 1 Pee Wee Karate*, (Pick up at 3.45)
Years 2-6 Karate*
Years 1 & 2 Code Camp
Years 1-6 Spanish (Pick up at 4.25)
Year 2 Crafty Kids
Years 4-6 Girls' football
Year 6 Football
Years 3-6 Basketball

Wednesday before school:
Years 5 & 6 Tag Rugby - 8.00am start

Year 1 & 2 Dance
Year 1 Crafty Kids,
Year 1-3 French (Pick up at 4.20)
Years 2-6 Artful (Pick up at 4.20)
Years 3-6 Science
Years 3-6 Netball
Year 4 Football
Year 5 Football

Year 1 & 2 Music Theatre
Years 3-6 Code Camp
Years 3-6 MTech*
Year 3 Football
Years 5&6 Netball Squad (by invitation)

Year 1 Mini Fun Sports
Years 1-3 Lego (Pick up at 4.20)
Years 1-3 Animatez
Years 2 & 3 Drama
Years 3-6 MTech*
Years 3-6 Gymnastics *
Years 4-6 Knitting