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The Queen's C of E
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Consultation on the Proposed Changes to the Admission Policy 2021/2022

The School Governors would like your responses to our proposed changes to the Admissions Policy at The Queen's School. Please find below the a letter from the Admissions Committee Chair and Co-Chair of Governors detailing the consultation process.

Consultation on the Proposed Changes to the Admission Policy 2021/2022

13 December 2019
To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you that we are now consulting on our proposed Admissions Policy 2021/2022 and accompanying Clergy Form.

The consultation period will run from 13 December 2019, through 24 January 2020.

The changes being proposed are primarily clarifications to the language in previous versions of the admissions policy. We did not seek to make substantive changes to the policy and procedures around Admissions nor to the oversubscription criteria itself, but to ensure clarity and accessibility for parents/carers of applicants. Such changes include:

  • Putting significant language into bold text so it is more obvious.
  • Moving explanatory information previously situated above into the criteria itself to make such requirements more apparent to the reader.
  • Adding that certain information must be received “by The Queen’s School” when it was not previously specified.
  • Clarifying how “tiebreakers” are resolved, and how distance is calculated, which is how these situations have always been handled but our additions seek to make that more transparent.
  • Explaining how Criterion 5 regarding siblings is applied by providing an example.
  • Referring parents/carers to resources on the School website and provided by the Local Authority for additional information.
  • Aligning the information provided on deferred entry and when children start school to that provided by the Local Authority.
  • Adding an additional paragraph regarding how In Year Admissions are conducted for parents who may be seeking that information specifically.
  • Providing more information and transparency about how the Waiting List operates.

Our Clergy Form has also been amended to provide clarity on its requirements, in order to assist parents/carers of multiple faiths and native languages.

We have attached a copy of the proposed Admissions Policy 2021/22, as well as the Clergy Form. 

If you would like to make a comment either supporting the proposed policy or suggesting changes, please write to me at the school address or email by 24 January 2020.

All comments received within the consultation period will be considered by the Governing Board before finalizing the Admissions Policy and accompanying Clergy Form for 2021/22.

Should you require a hard copy of these documents please telephone Michelle Jones at The Queen’s School on 0208 940 3580.

Yours sincerely,

Bethany Claus Widick

Admissions Committee Chair and Co-Chair, Board of Governors