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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

English 23 March 2020

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to your English Home Learning page!

Remember, this is a great opportunity to read, read, read! You may think you cannot escape your house, but you can: just pick up a book and see where it takes you.

Every week there will be a new crossword for you to complete and a code to crack. (Remember never to underestimate the power of the crossword. It’s a form of brain training. Just think how clever you'll be by the time we're back in school!)

When required to work in your Home Learning Book, remember to write the date and OL and present your work neatly, as you would in class. 

Please note that when accessing the PDFs, it tends to work better (both in terms of visual resolution and print layout) to download the file onto your Desktop or Documents folder before opening it with Adobe Reader. When opened in the browser, the visuals and printing can be temperamental.  

A gentle start to our English home learning this week, with some spelling, handwriting and comprehension.

Day 1 (Wednesday 25th March)

OL. To develop my comprehension skills

Download Day 1 - Wicked Wolf Newspaper Report and Day 1 - Wicked Wolf Comprehension.

Read the Wicked Wolf Newspaper Report.

After reading, complete the Wicked Wolf Comprehension. Remember to be precise and clear with your answers, using Point, Evidence and Explain in the B questions to score as many marks as you can.

(Note: You may print and solve the comprehension on paper before folding carefully and sticking into your Home Learning Book. Alternatively, you may write the answers in full sentences directly into your Home Learning Book.)

The answers are included on the next page, with a suggested breakdown of how to score the marks. So, once you've finished, please check and honestly mark your work.

EXTRA CHALLENGE:  Get going with the Brain Boggler Puzzle (Crossword). When completed, use the colours to crack the code.

(Please note that I accidentally placed the dark pink in the wrong place in the grid. It should be an H and not an L. I have corrected this and updated the PDF. Sorry!) 

Day 2 (Thursday 26th March)

OL. To spell with the -ance, -ence, -ancy, -ency suffixes

Download the attached Powerpoint Day 2: -ance, -ence, -ancy, -ency and explore why and where we use some of these spellings as well as some of the conventions. (Once you've opened the PowerPoint, go to the tabs at the top and go Slide Show > From Beginning. This will make the Powerpoint more interactive and will help you to learn. You may also like to write things down on a whiteboard or some scrap paper.)  

A good way of remembering is that -ance words are often acts that you have to perform, e.g. balance, guidance, performance... On the other hand, -ence words tend not to be acts, e.g. evidence, emergency, urgency.  There will always be exceptions, but this is a useful rule to follow.

For extra practice, visit Education City and complete the interactive -ance, -ence, -ancy, -ency activities.

What's the mystery word?

Next, turn to pages 80-81 in your CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book. Complete the activities before checking the answers at the back.

Your final task is to take some of the words you have learned and write them into sentences that demonstrate their meaning, e.g. The job vacancy is suited to someone with high intelligence and who would remain calm in an emergency. Can you write 5 interesting sentences using a variety of words you have learned? (Don't forget to punctuate!)

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Continue with the Brain Boggler Puzzle (Crossword). Come on – you can do it!

Day 3 (Friday 27th March)

OL. To practise key spelling patterns

OL. To infer missing words

Download the Robin Hood Missing Letters activity.

Your challenge is to fill in the missing letters to make the piece make full sense, before solving the puzzle at the bottom. Of course, take care with spelling; you may like to use a dictionary to check.

Once you have completed the sheet, write out the full passage into your Home Learning book, leaving a line and practising your best handwriting.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Complete with the Brain Boggler Puzzle (Crossword). Yay! Have you cracked the code?