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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

English 23 March 2020

Wednesday 25th March


OL – To practice a, c, o and e shape joins

This website shows videos of letter joins and you can print out worksheets.

We suggest you practise Capital letter then small letters like we have been doing in class.

Then see if you can you can join two of the above together and practise some words with these letters in.


1. Practise words with suffixes  –ment, –ness, –ful , –less and –ly. Remember our spelling strategies like, rainbow spelling and pyramids.

2. Can you write these words into sentences?

Hopeless, Careless, Kindness, sadness, awkwardness, darkness

3. Complete page 40 of your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Booklet

4. Have fun using  www.phonicsplay to practise your phase 5 and 6 sounds.  Try Picnic on Pluto (Phase 5) or Pond life Plurals (Phase 6).


 1.Choose a book of your choice and write a book review. If you were there in class last week you may like to review "Grace and Family"  by Mary Hoffmann.

2.. Listen to Oliver Jeffers reading his books daily on or listen to a story from space


Last week we read "Grace and Family" by Mary Hoffmann. Read the book again to someone in your family using the link below.



OL  I can write a letter from Grace to Ma telling her of what it's like in The Gambia


  • First Person
  • Feelings
  • What she hears
  • What she smells
  • What she sees
  • One conjunction per sentence e. but, because, while
  • A question and an exclamation sentence e.g How amazing it is here!
  • Apostrophes for possession e.g The crocodile's skin... and contractions e.g couldn't, wouldn't
  • Use the word bank

Tell Ma about the wonderful experiences Grace has had. You may wish to talk about:

Stroking the harmless, tamed crocodiles and making a wish.

Stepping into the rainbow clothes shop, to choose fabric for a party outfit.

Having an amazing dance party.

Here is an example format for you to follow.

Dear Ma,

Opening Paragraph - I wanted to write to you because I'm having a lovely time in The Gambia......

Let me tell you about the family....

Let me tell you what l've been up to........

Love from Grace

We have uploaded below the yellow target sheets to remind you of all the good points you need to include in your writing over these next few weeks. Challenge yourselves to include as many elements as you can.

When you have finished edit your work. Have you included:

Conjunctions, exclamation sentence, apostrophes for possession, question sentences, contractions.

Well done. Give yourself 2 stars and a wish for your first home task. We are very proud of you.

Above all, enjoy this wonderful opportunity to share your learning with your family at home and remember that we are here for you every step of the way sending you all much love, support and learning fun.