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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Kew Young Musicians

sample imageOn Saturday mornings in term-time Queen’s School is alive with the sound of music. Lessons in recorder, singing, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, classical guitar, bass & electric guitar are available.

The KYM musical journey is for children aged from 5 to 18 - everyone is welcome, you don't have to attend Queen's School.   Here’s what you can learn. 

  • Recorder (from reception – a great instrument in its own right and a stepping stone to other woodwind)
  • Singing (from year 2 - this is vocal tuition)
  • Drums (from year 1 – good for developing a sense of rhythm)
  • Flute (from year 3 – curved headjoints are available for people with little arms …..)
  • Clarinet (from year 3 – if you have your second front teeth and are quite big and strong!)
  • Saxophone (from year 4 – if you have your second front teeth and the alto sax is even bigger and heavier!)
  • Classical guitar (from year 3)
  • Electric guitars (from year 3)

Most KYM classes are shared – often between two children - and fees depend on how many children learn together. Group teaching works well for recorder and singing, so there may be a few more children in a class. The fees reflect this – a single lesson is £17, duos £11, trios £9 and quartets £8.per child, for a half-hour lesson. 

Please note that KYM is a not-for-profit organisation entirely run by volunteers – so we do ask you to pay fees promptly.  We know that weekends are very busy, and sometimes children wish to change or stop instrumental tuition - so you can give us notice, at any time up to half-term, that you wish to stop lessons at the end of that term.  This gives children on the waiting list the opportunity to take part. Highlights of the KYM calendar are the Christmas and Summer concerts – so please do join our friendly and creative music school!

Autumn Term 2017: (10 weeks)

First Day:  Saturday 16th September
Half Term (two weeks): Saturdays 21st & 28th October
Last Day / KYM Christmas Concert: Saturday 2nd December  (9am rehearsals, then concert from 9.30am to 12noon)

Spring Term 2018: [10 weeks]

First Day:  Saturday  6th January
Half Term (two weeks): Saturdays 10th & 17th February
Last Day: Saturday 24th March

Summer Term 2018: [10 weeks]

First Day:  Saturday 21st April
Half Term (two weeks): Saturdays 26th May & 2nd June

Queen's School Summer Fair:  Saturday 7th July? [tbc] - No KYM
Last Day/KYM Summer Concert: Saturday 14th July? [tbc]



Lesson queries/Waiting list: