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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Library Zone


Library Ethos

Our library is a very special place. We all move through our school using the spaces, classrooms, hall and grounds but it is only in our library where children of every age-group come to share their thoughts and ideas on books, to recommend, support, to chat, make new friends, to help each other. In our library we are also able to challenge, broaden and expand the children’s reading choices, supporting you and the work of their teachers in helping to develop each child’s reading ability.

The children themselves, after a whole school consultation, came up with the guidelines by which we live in our library.

  • Everyone is welcome here
  • Remember the Library is a peaceful place
  • Use soft and quiet voices
  • Respect and care for our books and surroundings
  • Come here to study, read, relax and reflect
  • Share this space with others quietly and calmly
  • Always set a good example for others to follow

Library Development Project

This academic year (20-19 – 2020) our focus is on developing our library provision to maximise its use and appeal for all our children. Therefore we will be working on developing our upstairs library, Key Stage one book room and creating opportunities to read during lunch and break times.

Our aim is to work as a community to establish an environment that promotes and encourages reading for pleasure, making it a lifelong skill for all.

“Reading for pleasure is the single most important indicator of a child’s success.” OECD 2003.

In the autumn term, (with the help of school council), the children have shared their vision for our libraries. They concluded on a fairy tale theme with imaginative seating and comfortable flooring. They then asked the children for a range of ideas and Carla’s design (6GD) was our winning entry.

As you can see here, she has incorporated the fairy-tale, woodland feel with different textures and levels to make a comfortable and appealing place to be:

During the spring term, we have asked a range of library designers to work on Carla’s design and school council’s ideas to help bring them to life. Our final design will be publish soon and we will notify you as soon as work is due to begin.

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