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The Queen's C of E
Primary School


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At Queens, mathematics is a creative and cross-curricular subject.  In line with the National Curriculum, pupils develop skills in order to become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, reason mathematically using correct vocabulary and solve problems by applying their skills. 

Daily maths lessons incorporate mental arithmetic strategies, formal written methods, problem solving and investigations where children work both independently and collaboratively.  From EYFS to Year 6, activities are also linked to real life situations, as well as other subjects, such as science, equipping children with life skills. 

Times tables are also a focal point in our maths teaching from early on and children are taught to become fluent using a variety of strategies; a high priority is set on the learning of times tables by the end of year 4 - each pupil has a times table record of achievement booklet to complete.  Within Upper Key Stage 2, it is further practiced and developed and children apply their multiplication skills within a range of contexts.    

We support our pupils in achieving a high standard of mathematics and developing a positive attitude towards the subject.