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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Maths 23 March 2020

Hello Year 5 Mathematicians!

We recommend you complete as many of these tasks as possible each week- spend about 30 minutes a day on Maths.

  • Remember to keep all those times-tables ticking over - know them back to front and out of order too. Can you quickly recall the inverse calculation?
  • Also - it's a great idea to keep practising the 4 operations to keep them fresh in your mind.

          +    -      column methods
          x           short method and long method up to 4 digits x 1 or 2 digits eg 6431 x 9 or 6431 x 91
          ÷           short method (bus stop) and the chunking method up to 4 digits÷1 digit e.g. 2817 ÷ 3

  • This is also a great chance to catch up with any incomplete Mathletics tasks :)

We're going to start our Online Learning with Roman Numerals - you learnt them up to 100 in Year 4 and now we're going to introduce the numerals up to 1000.

We suggest you start with Task 1 - Education City but follow any order you like after that.
Either print out the sheets and stick in your Home Learning Book, or write the answers directly into your Home Learning Book (HLB) if you’re not able to print. There's no need to write any answers to the online tasks in your book.
We know you haven't got squares in your HLBs - just try your best to be neat :)

***We have opened up a new Classwork City in Education City for Online Learning tasks. ***
Miss Carter and Mr Megrah will now be on Mathletics in the mornings to play you live, once you've finished your set tasks!****

Task 1
OL: to use Roman numerals up to 1000
Complete the ‘I Predict a Riot’ Learn Screen and Activity tasks on Education City
This has a useful reminder on how to use the numerals and will take you through the new ones. You could complete the written task sheet in your book.

Task 2
OL: to convert to and from Roman Numerals up to 1000
You don't need to record this activity in your HLB
Complete the 2 Converting to and from Roman Numerals tasks on Mathletics

Task 3
OL: to use Roman numerals up to 1000
Write down the full birthdays of your family. (DD/MM/YYYY) 
Write them into Roman Numerals. Eg  - 26/06/2001 - XXVI/ VI/ MMI

Task 4 - Active Maths
You don't need to record this activity in your HLB

  1. You need some space at home or outside to run and collect cards - talk to your parents to agree a good time and place that works for all of you.

  2. Make a set of number cards from 0 to 9 - scrap paper is fine!

  3. Scatter the digit cards around the activity space, then run and collect three cards one at a time, e.g. 2, 5 and 1.

  4. Use them to make three 3-digit numbers (e.g. 251, 521 and 125).

  5. Write all three numbers down in Roman numerals as well as normal numbers e.g. CCLI, etc.

  6. Keep repeating - can you improve your time?

Task 5 - Mental Maths
OL: to practise mental maths skills
Complete the mental maths quiz which will help you to practise a range of arithmetic skills. You could complete a section each day if you'd prefer. (Answers are included)