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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Maths 23 March 2020

Week Commencing 23rd March 

We recommend that you prioritise completing the work set by your usual  maths teacher. If you complete this and are still seeking more challenges, then of course explore the work set by the other teacher, but this would be an extension, not an expectation. 

Miss Neilson's Maths group

Volume activities x7 tasks

L: I can explore and apply a method to calculate volume 


I can explore length, width and depth of a cuboid 

I can count cubes to calculate volume 

I can use a method to work out volume of cuboids

Attached below is a pdf with 7 activities for you to complete; please answer questions in your maths home learning book. I recommend you work you way through from 1 - 7 as they build up knowledge and understanding as they go. You do not need to complete them all in one go -  a couple a day would be ideal. 

I imagine I will give information as to answering the questions next week along side your new work, however we are still evolving this idea. 

Mathletics x5 task

There are some activities on your mathletics for you to complete. These are all due for Monday when a new set will be released. 

Note some are a recap of previous learning (circles, area of quadrilaterals and squares) and some are linked to your new learning (volume). 

Ms Doran's Maths group

Daily starters: 3 x Problems of the Day ANSWERS are below.

L: To investigate number and pattern

I can use my factors, multiples and prime number knowledge

I can problem solve

I can explore patterns

Attached below are three different investigations for you to try out this week: Number Families, Tea Cups and Steps to the Podium. These investigations use a range of mathematical skills, focusing particularly on number and patterns. You may like to use materials around you to help with your investigations. Let me know how you get on. Good luck! ANSWERS are below.


There are also some further activities on Mathletics revising topics that we have covered this year. These are due for Monday when a new set will be released.