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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Maths 30th March

Week Commencing 30th March

We recommend that you prioritise completing the work set by your usual maths teacher. If you complete this and are still seeking more challenges, then of course explore the work set by the other teacher, but this would be an extension, not an expectation. 

Miss Neilson's Maths group

Volume recap x2 activity

To recap your learning from last week, complete pages 52 and 53 of your CGP Maths Targeted Question book. This covers area and perimeter as well as volumes of cuboids. 

I think this might be a good maths warm up to get you going on a Monday and reminder of last week. 

Also, with a bit of help from Mr Adams, below is a short video talking through one of the SATs questions I set you last week. Watching it back (firstly I cringed!) I did find some errors in my discussions. Nothing major, just a few things I said incorrectly - see if you can spot them! Hope they are all okay and helpful to you. Bare in mind you may have done something slightly different to me, and note that I didn't work through the arithmetic. 



Ratio and proportion x2 activity

L: Exploring ratio


I can use ratio language

I can use ratio as a fraction

I can use the ratio language

Go to White Rose 

Here you will see a breakdown of 5 lessons, all linked with ratio, our new topic of learning. This week I would like you to work your way through lesson 1 and 2. Each lesson has a short explanation video, as well as an activity sheet for you to complete (also attached below). Plus, the answers are there for you, so you can review your work as you go. Our learning of ratio will be continued after the Easter holidays, so come back to the videos, for support, if you need to.

Please answer the questions in your home learning maths books. Some questions may seem tricky to compete in your books, as they may ask you to circle the images or draw. If you are able to, please work around this and please try to find a way of sharing your answer in your book; drawings are totally encouraged. Do not feel pressured to print off the activity sheet.

Extension: Some online ratio and proportion games you may want to explore. 


Mathletics x3 task

There is still more ratio learning to go, so I won’t set any mathletics linked to that yet. Instead, I will set some activities to recap some old learning.

I've given you a couple of rounding (as I had previously identified this an an area that errors occurred) as well as one on negative numbers (do use the number line provided to support you). 

Well done for such speedy work on your Mathletics! When I logged in on Thursday last week, it was great to see most of you had already completed all the activities set within the first 24 hours! 


Ms Doran's Maths group

Problems of the Day – you will find two/three problems for every day this week to answer (Week 6 Problems of the Week). ANSWERS will be posted on FRIDAY 3rd APRIL.


L: To use fraction in algebraic context


  • I can work out the value of expressions
  • I can solve equations using algebra

Go to

Here you will see a breakdown of five lessons all relating to fractions. We recapped on fractions in Week 4 of this term so, hopefully, you should all feel much more confident with this topic. However, feel free to look over lessons 1 – 4 if you are still feeling a little unsure about fractions.

I would like you all to take a look at LESSON 5 – Use fractions in algebraic contexts. Please watch the video that is linked to the lesson and complete the activity sheet that accompanies lesson 5. Please answer the questions in your home learning maths books. Some questions may require you to write out the question, or some of the answers given. Please do this. Do not feel pressured to print off the activity sheet.


L: To use mathematical knowledge in investigations

  • I can work systematically

Inheritance Investigation

Attached below, are four documents relating to this week’s investigation. A 100 Square has also been attached as may help you finding out the answers. Please complete in your home learning maths books. You may draw the family tree rather than print it.

The ANSWERS are also attached - do not cheat! Please only look at these once you have given this everything you can.