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At Queen’s we enable music to be accessible to all through ensuring it is an embedded cross-curricular subject. The children are encouraged to reflect, create and imagine while listening, composing and performing music. From a young age, we encourage children to compose and perform using coloured notation and instruments in Reception and Year 1, then moving to formal notation methods from Year 2 upwards. It is essential that children are exposed to a variety of music genres and so we use a combination of topic related activities and music appreciation to broaden their music genre knowledge. There are many opportunities for the children to learn instruments and to play within groups during class music. Singing is key to promoting emotional well-being, as it releases endorphins, therefore the children participate in regular singing and the whole school attend a singing Collective Worship to learn the songs and hymns for our weekly Vicar led Collective Worship. In addition to class music lessons, there are orchestras, choirs and individual/group instrumental tuition. There are further details regarding extra-curricular music on the school website in Music Zone section.