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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Other Subjects 23 March 2020

Art: Can buildings speak?

OL: To recognise shapes and patterns in buildings.

Download the Art sheet (or find pictures in magazines). Take a look at the images of buildings. Can you recognise any shapes? How are they decorated? What do you think they are used for - how do you know? What materials can you see? Choose your favourite section from one picture and have a go at drawing it. Show it to someone else - can they guess which building it is from? 

Go around your house look at the different shapes and patterns you can find. Use your shape knowledge - can you see any regular or irregular shapes? What can you find that is symmetrical? Using paper and your colours make some rubbings of different materials around the house (an example of what rubbings look like is in the download). Keep these - you will need them next week.