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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Our Vision

The Queen’s School Vision  (2022 to 2025). 

Understanding the Vision

Our overall Vision has three elements:

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision Priorities
  • Our Action Plans

Our Mission

Our Mission is consistent. It is what we do and can be summarised as:

“Encouraging every child to reach their full potential – nurtured and supported in a Christian community that lives and learns by the values of Love, Compassion and Respect”.

                                        John 13:34 “Love one another as I have loved you.”

It is set out more fully in the following statements:

  • We provide a learning journey that encourages our children to be independent, well-rounded, kind and confident individuals – supported and nurtured by valued and committed staff
  • We encourage all our children to flourish academically, spiritually and personally – and to achieve the highest academic standards possible for each child, within a stimulating, creative and secure learning environment
  • Our Christian values of love, compassion and respect are at the heart of everything we do; our school is welcoming and inclusive; we value equality and celebrate diversity, and our children know the nature of God from a Christian perspective, whilst developing their own beliefs of Christian, other faiths or no faith
  • Our pupils leave at the end of Year 6 fully equipped with the skills to embrace the secondary school of their choice, and with core values to guide them on their life journey with the knowledge that God loves us all

Our Vision Priorities

Our Vision Priorities underpin our decisions, allocation of resources, and school and staff objectives. They are refreshed every three years to ensure the school’s efforts – and pursuit of excellence – are always focussed on the right, relevant challenges and opportunities. As specific Vision Priorities are achieved, they become embedded in school life – creating space for new priorities that can benefit from the same relentless focus. 

Our Vision Priorities for 2022 to 2025 are:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Community
  • Sustainability

Learning and Teaching:

  • Learning and Teaching – Academic: To provide the highest quality education that is consistently above national standards, and embraces an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum and for every child to be supported to progress and achieve their personal best outcomes
  • Learning and Teaching – Spiritual: For each child to have the opportunities for spiritual development, intentionally woven through school life, encouraging a culture of deep reflection, questioning and wondering on the meaning and mystery of life
  • Learning and Teaching – Personal: To empower each child to be independent, confident and thoughtful, with a strong moral under-pinning; for every child’s mental health and well-being to be central to all we do; and through excellent teaching, to inspire a love of learning  founded on our 12 Learning Certainties, which include self-motivation, resilience and determination


  • Community – Inclusion, Diversity and Equality: To encourage children to build positive relationships with others, becoming proactive citizens who positively shape the future – valuing diversity, and promoting equality and inclusion
  • Community – Local and Global: To be outward-looking, at the heart of our local community; for our children to be empowered through their experience of school life to become transformational agents of change in their local, national, and global communities


  • Sustainability – Environmental: To care for the world that God has created by developing a sustainable school environment, and preparing children – as future guardians of the world’s resources – to care passionately about contributing to a sustainable future
  • Sustainability – Financial: To ensure the long-term financial stability and sustainability of The Queen’s School, and to ensure that the resources are available – both now and in the future – to deliver our Mission and all of our Vision Priorities