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The Queen's C of E
Primary School


As your child joins Reception, he or she will already have started their reading journey with you and our first task is to find out what books they enjoy and if they are already starting to decode text or able to talk about the stories they listen to.

In the second half of the autumn term your child will take home two reading books, once a week. We use Oxford Reading Tree ‘Biff and Chip’ books and supplement these with a wide range of different schemes such as Dandelion Readers or Big Cat Phonics. This gives your child a breadth of reading experiences.

Often children will start with picture books, which provide the opportunity to tell and re-tell stories through pictures. This also provides opportunities to expand vocabulary, anticipate events and explore different characters and settings.

Once children are confident discussing and exploring narratives they will move on to books with phonetically decodable words that support the phonics learning taught at school. At this stage books will also be accompanied by tricky word flashcards. It is key for reading development that tricky words are learnt by sight, therefore we attach ideas for games and activities to help make learning fun and meaningful. 

At the teacher’s discretion your child will progress through the school reading scheme. This is designed to bring breadth and depth to their reading experience. 

Your child will have a reading record book, which is an important record of their reading journey and should be completed each time you listen to your child read.  This is also an invaluable dialogue between parent and teacher.

What we expect parents/family carers to do:

  • Read and talk about the books with your child daily (approximately 5 to 10 minutes).
  • Encourage your child to discuss what happens in the book and ask them simple questions about the content.
  • Make a comment in their reading record every time you listen to your child (i.e. daily).
  • Enjoy looking at, reading and listening to story books as frequently as possible.
  • Use the tricky word cards and suggested games.
  • Ensure book bag, book and reading record are in school daily.

What the school will do:

  • Send home 2 reading books once a week on a Friday.
  • Listen to your child read on a one to one basis.
  • Teach your child the skills to share a book with other children during guided reading.
  • Offer opportunities for independent reading.
  • Enjoy class times for reading and enjoying stories together.
  • Provide daily phonics sessions and reinforce phonics throughout the curriculum.
  • Provide a language rich environment that supports, extends and enriches learning opportunities.
  • Access our school library to share books and foster a love of reading.