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Recommended Websites

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity that believes everyone in the UK should have the literacy skills they need.

A wealth of information with milestones explained, tips for reading together and book recommendations up to age 11, plus fun stuff that will inspire any child.

Booktrust is a charity and it inspires everyone to enjoy books, reading and writing and the lifelong benefits that they bring. Its aim is to build a literate, connected and creative society. The website has a huge amount to offer adults as well as children.

We recommend the ‘book finder’ on the children’s section as it is clearly themed using genres and age groups and very user friendly.

A free set of e-readers for children aged 3 to 11.
A range of genres and OUP series from Biff and Chip to Project X, Traditional Tales, Songbird Phonics.Audio versions available.

A website packed with fantastic information. Written for children, books can be searched for under genre, format or brand. A grown-up section includes a parents’ guide, including some reading lists recommended by Wendy Cooling, a well-known book expert. Lists for 10 + and 12+  should appeal to parents needing help guiding readers in Year 5 and 6 with their book choices.

Stuck for book ideas? Try this online book chooser!

A website with a lovely collection of poems for children. Children can search for poems by theme, form or poet. The series of interviews with key poets also means children can see the face behind the ideas!