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We have started learning about electricity - it's electric!




OL: I can explain ways that electricity is generated

- I have read through the powerpoint carefully
- I have made a mind map of what I know and what I'd like to know
- I've watched the short clip
- I've planned my commentary making sure I use formal language and scientific language
- I've filmed my commentary

Your task this week is to film a short video as if you are narrating a short documentary (click here for video) about electricity. Read through the powerpoint first. Complete the mind map and commentary plan into your home learning books. Then, when you are ready, get filming! Remember, you're a scientist and you're on TV - you must use scientific vocabulary and remain professional at all times (suit and tie optional!).

Once this is done, you can discuss the final slide from the presentation - what would life be like without electricity? Jot your ideas down in your home learning books.