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We have been learning a lot about electricity and the role it has to play in our lives. 

For this week, we'd like you to have a go at the worksheet on circuits. The answer sheet is also part of the .pdf so be careful not to look at that before you have a go at the sheet! If you have circuit resources at home, that's great, but if you don't, you'll have to try and remember what we did in school a few weeks ago when we built our circuits. 

When you've finished that, we'd like you to read through the powerpoint about 'insulators and conductors' of electricity. Perhaps you can do some online or book-based research to answer the following questions into your home learning books:

OL: I know the difference between an insulator and a conductor and can give examples of these
- I have read through the powerpoint
- I have jotted notes
- I have researched using key words e.g. insulators and conductors year 4/insulators and conductors KS2

1. How does electricity flow around a circuit?
2. What is a 'conductor'?
3. What is an 'insulator'?
4. What materials make good conductors?
5. What materials are insulators?
6. What materials, found in your house, could you use as a conductor? An insulator?