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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Sport Zone

Physical Education at  The Queen’s School

The Queen’s school believes that physical education, experienced

in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil’s physical, intellectual and social development.  A broad and balanced physical education curriculum contributes significantly to the wider educational growth of the whole child; developing physical skills, providing opportunities for social interaction, cooperation, competition and challenge.



Sports Mark Gold Award

We are delighted to have been awarded The Sportsmark Gold award which recognises those schools which show exceptional achievement, highly innovative schemes or outstanding progress in meeting their sporting aims.


At The Queen’s School our Vision is that:

  • Every child receives high quality teaching and learning in physical education
  • Children are encouraged to be physically active for sustained periods of time both in PE lessons and within their playtimes
  • Children are inspired by PE lessons/clubs, enjoy being physically active and leave our school with the motivation, the physical confidence, competence and knowledge and understanding for lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Children understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, how it affects their well-being and how it supports their health and fitness
  • Opportunities are made for more children to be involved in competitive sport and a wide range of other physical activities which help to embed the values of fairness and respect

Physical education at The Queen’s School embodies the school values of Love, Compassion and Respect and the Olympic and Paralympic Values of:

Respect and Equality– take care of yourself, your health and the environment and show respect towards all those around you in the spirit of ‘fair play’ irrespective of age, ability, gender, cultural or ethnic background.

Excellence – always try your best, always join in and work hard to achieve your objectives.

Friendship – understand each other despite any differences, work well as a team and respond appropriately and sympathetically to others.

Determination – have the drive and motivation to overcome any physical or mental barriers in order to achieve your goals.                                                                  

Courage – have the self-belief and confidence to overcome any fears

Inspiration – be motivated by the achievements of others and to be a positive example to others.


The Queen’s school Sport Headlines   2015 – 2016

For KS2 (Y3,4,5,6 ) 227 Children

Curriculum PE

100% of children received 2 hours of curriculum physical education per week


100% of children in KS2 had swimming lessons as part of their curriculum PE

96% of children in year 6 met the government target of swimming 25 metres by the end of KS2

61% of children in year 6 achieved a personal survival award

Extra Curricular Sporting Activities

70% of children in KS2 engaged in an extra-curricular sporting activity every week

Intra School Sport

100% of children in KS2 played in intra class/year group competitive small sided team games in PE lessons

100% of children in KS2 were involved in the inter house sports day competition in the summer term

Inter School Sport

100% participation in all the leagues and tournaments offered by Richmond Borough:

Netball – Football –Rugby – Athletics – Gymnastics – Swimming - Cross country -  Cricket

55% of children in KS2 competed in Inter school competitive sports

12% of children in Y 5,6 played in additional inter school friendly matches organised with local schools

SEN Sport

100% of children with special education needs entered the borough competitions and represented the school in:

  • RISE Swimming Gala
  • Team 1,000 Athletics

Sports Leaders

100% of year 5 trained as Sport leaders

100% of year 6 led daily  lunchtime sports activities for KS1 & KS2

100% of year 6 planned and organised the KS1 sports morning in the summer term

Membership of Sports Clubs Outside School

50% of children in KS2 were members of one or more Sports Club outside school

(This does not include all the children who participated in general sporting activities outside school)

Specialised Coaches

Specialised coaches were used to support and enhance the school sport curriculum:

  • Swimming (Pools on the Park)   Year 3,4,5,6
  • Basketball (Richmond Knights)  Year 5
  • Rugby (Harlequins)                      Year 6
  • Tennis (Pensford Tennis club)    Year 3,4,5,6

Local Sports Clubs with Links to the School

Local sports clubs with active links to the school:

  • Kew Park Rangers Football
  • Kew Cricket Club
  • Pensford Tennis club
  • PW Karate club Kew
  • Richmond Rugby Club
  • London Welsh Rugby club
  • Harlequins Rugby club
  • Richmond Knights Basketball club
  • The school has made links with these clubs through curriculum coaching sessions and school extra-curricular clubs.
  • Clubs are promoted in the school newsletter and on the PE notice board.