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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Year 2

In Year 2 the majority of children will be very familiar with the reading scheme and making good progress. Although children may appear to be fluent at a particular level it is important that they work through the books steadily and wait until their teacher feels they are ready to be moved on to the next level. This will usually be when they have read most of the books in the level and covered a range of genres as the wide range of books in each level offer different challenges for your children. Occasionally children will benefit from reading books a second time as this will give them the opportunity to explore the book in more detail.

The more able readers who have completed the levelled reading scheme and are fluent readers will be able to enjoy short chapter books and move on to the library Young Readers Challenge. Although moving from this into free choice of any library book
is possible, we felt it was important to provide a scaffold in the shape of two author challenges to guide the children for a while in their reading choices alongside independent choices. Year 2 children may move on this author challenges if appropriate.


What we expect parents/family carers to do:

  • Read and talk about the books with your child daily (this includes when they move on to Library Young Readers)
  • Make a comment in their reading record daily when listening to them read, (i.e., daily)
  • Use the list of questions on the inside front cover of your child’s reading record (and those which are in some of the books) as a guide when talking about the book
  • Continue to enjoy looking at, reading and listening to story books as frequently as possible
  • Begin to encourage your child to broaden their reading choices, for example trying different genres, adventure and fantasy, or including magazines, non-fiction leaflets and books
  • Ensure book bag, book and reading record are in school daily


What the school will do:

  • Listen to your child read on a one to one basis once a week
  • Write a teacher comment in their reading record once a week
  • Encourage your child to visit the school library throughout the week
  • Offer regular opportunities for independent reading across the curriculum
  • Support your child through the reading scheme, helping in their choice of books if needed
  • Offer daily Guided Reading in ability groups (approx. 6 children)
    The teacher works with a different group each day.
  • Offer daily opportunity for independent reading of own choice reading book
  • Encourage parent helpers to come in listen to readers/work with a group in Guided Reading sessions
  • Support your child through Library research skills sessions for one half term (approx 6 weeks)