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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Year 4

This is an important year where the majority of children will have moved onto the Library Key Authors Challenge and then an Advanced Author Challenge. However, all children have individual learning journeys and some children will be on the colours or Young Reader part of our reading scheme.

The Key Author Challenge has two sections, a modern part with a range of authors and books recommended and then a classic part. The teacher will individually set a target for your child, for example to read ten classics and ten modern authors. This number may vary from child to child. Some children love modern authors but need to branch into different styles to strengthen their reading. So a child may be set a challenge of 15 classic authors and 8 modern authors.


What we expect parents/family carers to do:

  • Read and talk about the books with your child daily
  • Write a comment in their reading home/school journal once a week
  • See the list of questions you might talk about in the inside front cover of their reading journal
  • Encourage your child to broaden their reading choices, for example, trying different genres, science fiction and mystery, or valuing all reading whether it is magazines or news.
  • Extend and support their ‘interests’ with reading material. If your child loves cricket, see if you can borrow or buy cricket magazines. If you child loves art, see if you can borrow Art history books from the library.


What the school will do:

  • Daily Guided Reading in ability groups (approx. 6 children) – the teacher works with a different group each day.
  • Ask children to independently choose books suitable to their reading ability with some help where needed
  • Ask parents to help during Guided Reading Sessions, 8.50 to 9.15 am
  • Write a comment in their reading home/school journal once a week
  • Encourage your child to visit the library
  • Support your child through the reading scheme with book marks and stickers for the Library Author and Advanced Author Challenges
  • Support your child through Library research skills sessions for one half term (approx 6 weeks)
  • Provide an opportunity for eight Year 4 children to become librarians in the Summer Term