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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Year 5

This is an important year where the majority of children will have moved onto the Library Key Authors Challenge and then an Advanced Author Challenge. Following this, they will develop into completely independent readers and be able to select any books from the fantastic range we have in the library, supplementing these with books from home.

The Advanced Author Challenge has 45 authors and titles, which are arranged in alphabetical order. The list offers a wide choice of genre: from Animal Science Fiction to Comedy, Multicultural India to Modern Classic.

While it is important to enable children to read independently, the children still need adult support in order to talk about the characters, plots, and ideas contained in the books.

Our guided reading sessions at school do encourage ‘book talk’ as this is the way of getting children to become more critical readers. If you can mirror this at home, then your child will grow as a reader, learning new ideas, questioning as they read, picking up new words, understanding more about plots and sub-plots.


What we expect parents/family carers to do:

  • Talk about the books with your child as frequently as possible.
  • Still read with your child if you can, for example you might like to start delving into a few classics, like Dickens or Austen. Reading alternate pages or chapters is still fine, as long as your child is comfortable with this.
  • Provide a notebook for your child so that they can note down new words as they read and can ask you or look up in a dictionary.
  • Provide a thesaurus for use at home
  • Encourage your child to broaden their reading choices, trying new authors, or reading series of books, e.g., the Narnia series or Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Extend and support their ‘interests’ with reading material.
  • Finding the right book keeps your child interested. Check out our website recommendations for ideas. Puffin has good books lists for 8+, 10+, 12+


What the school will do:

  • Daily Guided Reading in ability groups (approx. 6 children) – the teacher works with a different group each day.
  • Ask children to independently choose books suitable to their reading ability
  • Give a dictionary to each pupil through Kew Rotary Charity
  • Ask your child to keep a list of all the books they are reading
  • Encourage your child to visit the library
  • Support your child through the reading scheme for the Library Advanced Author Challenges
  • Support your child through Library research skills sessions for one half term (approx 6 weeks)
  • Provide an opportunity for eight Year 5 children to become librarians and help run the library for all the pupils during lunchtime sessions