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Historians of Year 4!

We are looking forward to seeing your posters on an introduction to ‘The Ancient Maya’.

Miss Metla has been doing some learning of her own on the Ancient Mayas and would love to find out some more fun facts from you!


OL: To find out about the Maya Civilisation.

What was life like for the Ancient Mayas?


- I have read through the power point
- I've watched the short clip – on Espresso
- I have made some notes on the daily life of Mayans
- I've created my ‘fun fact’ cards and shared them with my family
- I have thought about what life would be like as a Mayan
- I've designed my own Mayan home – labelled, illustrated and coloured

Espresso link – Daily Life of Mayas 

Your tasks this week involve using your historian minds to time travel back into the era of the Ancient Mayas, and think about life as a Mayan. There is lots of new and interesting information on the presentation and in the clips - we would like you to jot bullet point notes from them. Some of you may have already learnt some facts whilst creating your posters last week – that’s excellent and will be helpful!

Task 1:

Create a pack of fun fact cards (about 8-10) using the information you’ve learnt. Make sure you use some new vocabulary and points you’ve found interesting. Share these with your family.

Task 2:

Imagine you have travelled back 4,000 years to the Ancient Maya. Think about what your life would be like as a Mayan. In your home learning book, draw a picture of what you would look like: would you have a big head piece or crown? Would you be a king, a farmer or maybe even a builder? Give yourself a Mayan name. Miss Metla would call herself IXCACAO (pronounced eesh-cah-cow) – meaning Goddess of Chocolate!

Task 3:

As you’ve been spending some time at home, it’s important to appreciate and enjoy the space around you. Use the last two slides to discuss what is must have been like to live in a common Mayan home. What are some of the differences between your home and a Mayan home?

Once this is done, as an optional extension – design a Mayan home, label the materials you’d use and colour it in.

Have fun and remember, do the best you can do and as much as you’re comfortable with. Split your tasks up - it doesn’t all have to be done at once.