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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Year 6

This is an important year where the majority of children will be independent readers, able to select books from our school library and to supplement with books from home.

It is of course an important year as children visit secondary schools and sit entrance exams for some of the schools. At interview, if a child can talk about books and authors he/she enjoys reading this makes a very good impact on the interviewers. This is why it is crucial that at school and home, adults continue to take a strong interest in the books children choose to read. Talking about the characters, plots, sub-plots, settings, ideas and themes are wonderful ways to remain enthused about books and to develop as a critical reader.


What we expect parents/family carers to do:

  • Talk about the books with your child as frequently as possible.
  • Still read with your child if you can, for example you might like to start delving into a few classics, like Dickens or Austen. Reading alternate pages
    or chapters is still fine, as long as your child is comfortable with this.
  • Provide a notebook for your child so that they can note down new words as they read and can ask you or look up in a dictionary.
  • Encourage your child to have a thesaurus at home in order to broaden their vocabulary
  • Encourage your child to broaden their reading choices, including a good range of genres, and talk about how books might be linked by theme or how authors have a certain style of writing.
  • Extend and support their ‘interests’ with reading material.
  • Finding the right book keeps your child interested. Book Trust is a charity and their books lists are grouped by theme which is one way for inspiring your child with their reading choices


What the school will do:

  • Daily Guided Reading in ability groups (approx. 6 children) – the teacher works with a different group each day.
  • Ask children to independently choose books suitable to their reading ability
  • Ask your child to keep a list of all the books they are reading
  • Encourage your child to visit the library
  • Support your child through Library research skills sessions for one half term (approx 6 weeks)
  • Provide an opportunity for eight Year 6 children to become librarians and help run the library for the all the pupils