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The Queen's C of E
Primary School

Year 6 Get Animated!

Year6 have adopted an impressive cross-curricular approach to produce the animated films you can see on this page.

1. In Literacy they studied Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem The Lady of Shallot and then used their creative writing skills to produce a prologue to the poem, following the original rhyming structure. 

2. In Art they took this prologue and produced a storyboard and script for an animation based upon it. In order to do this they looked at animation techniques both historically and as a current state of the art.

3. In DT they designed and produced sets, props and costumes for their animation, taking as a scale the Lego/Play Mobil figures which they would use characters. 

4. In ICT they used digital cameras to take many still photographs whilst manipulating their models. They also used microphone recorders to record the voice over for their poem. Finally they used Moviemaker to put it all together into the animations you can see here!


Video by Max, Ben L, Ben D, Julius

Video by Megan, Jenny, Sophie, Isacc, Tigi

Video by Mckenzie, Robert, Daniel, Rory, Millie

Video by Florence W, Lucy, Sanne, Rachel, Rahul

Video by Ben W, Kaianne, Tim, Kira

Video by Daisy, Florence S, Grace, Mei

Emilee Yah

Nic Fly Apra Kier1

Scatty Mattie Movie finish1

Yosolde Moldy1